Akuani River Camp

With one of the highest concentrations of large Peacock Bass in the world, the Colombian El Tuparro Reserve National Park region has been kept well off the radar by fly fishermen until 2016 when the Colombian Government and rebel groups signed a peace agreement treaty after decades of conflict.

The peace agreement, earning then-President Juan Manuel Santos the Nobel Peace Prize has resulted in many safety concerns being alleviated with Colombia now a very popular destination for travellers. The city of Medellin – recently praised by the Urban Land Institute as the most innovative city in the world, has beautiful parks, colonial architecture, museums, nightlife, restaurants and fine coffee, and is the access point to La Primavera and the Tomo River catchment.

Virgin and unexplored, the the Tomo River is home to over 280 fish species, including Vampire Fish, Arowana, several species of Catfish and Piranha. However it’s the Temensis Peacock Bass which average over 10lb’s in weight, including fish around 15lb’s encountered daily, and Bass up-to 26lb’s landed that is the real appeal. Throw-in brilliant bird-life, caiman, iguana and orinoco pink dolphins from the comfort of a floating river camp and you have a fascinating fly fishing adventure.

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