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In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) implications to our clients travel plans, please get in touch directly to discuss specific questions around your travel booking.


Q: Is my travel booking refundable in light of the Coronavirus pandemic?

A: Fly Odyssey Australia has waived our standard booking terms and conditions around cancellations and refunds across the board, regardless of when you are travelling. Where both a deposit and final balance has been made for bookings, a 50% refund will be issued where possible, with the balance held in credit for you for a period of 12 months to re-schedule.

Generally, travel bookings are subject to the booking conditions issued with your invoice at the time of booking, however they can vary where we have been able to negotiate different outcomes with our suppliers on your behalf. In a difficult time for all, we understand your position and are working with our outfitters and suppliers for the best possible outcomes for you. Some deposits are non-refundable as third parties have been on-paid to secure your initial booking, however most may be held in credit to allow you to reschedule in the future.


Q: Do I lose my flight booking in the need to cancel my holiday or if my flight has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

A: As a full-service travel agency, we are able to manage any cancellations or changes all existing flight bookings on our clients behalf. Most airlines are at this time providing us with the option to hold flights paid for in credit, provided they are cancelled before the date of travel, and re-ticketed within 12 months from the original flight-ticketing date. This will then effectively give you another 12 months to book an alternative flight and reschedule.



Q: Do you book flights?

A: Yes.

As a full-service travel agency, all of our client flight bookings are done in house. Fly Odyssey Australia is a Member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents & ATAS accredited. We have all the flight agency booking systems in place to access every commercial flight, worldwide. This means that can provide you with flight solutions at the same price or cheaper that what you would get if booking direct with the airline. Furthermore our ticketing team allows us to hold flights, access industry specials, make flight alterations and provide great multi-stop itineraries at the cheapest rates.

~ If there are any schedule changes, we have our finger on the pulse and will notify you and re-issue your ticket.

~ If you have a flight delayed, miss a flight or have any cancellations around the world, we are there to assist and get you moving again.

~ Our customer service team is there to manage every aspect of your flight bookings, amendments and travel experience.


Q: Will I pay more by booking a Fly Fishing holiday with Fly Odyssey Australia?

A: No.

Fly Odyssey sells lodging and guiding trips around the world to you for the same price or less that you would get if booking direct. We earn a commission from the fly fishing outfitters, including airlines, accommodation and travel insurance providers. In fact, our full-service travel agency has access to volume discount pricing, specials and great deals including prime dates and availability that we pass on-to you. As well our ability to provide numerous holiday options, and refined, detailed itineraries; our understanding of travel logistics and expertise saves you time, and money.  A flat service fee of $150 per person applies for all bookings to cover administration time associated with flight, accommodation, charters and general bookings on behalf of our clients. This includes itinerary preparation and postage, itinerary changes, notifications for any flight time changes, and unlimited consultation time with you to ensure you are well prepared for your Fly Fishing holiday.


Q: I’m planning a trip. How far in advance to I need to book?

A: We are fairly specific about requesting fly fishing guiding dates for our clients, taking into consideration tides, moon phases, seasonality, flight schedules and accommodation availability. As such, specific dates can be at times in very high demand particularly for international destinations. We highly recommend booking at-least 6 months in advance and ideally 12-18 months out for most destinations to ensure the best rates and to secure the best dates.


Q: I would like to book a trip – what is needed?

A: A 50% deposit is generally required to secure your booking, with the balance payable 90 days or 3 months prior to the trip date. This is subject to the individual outfitter or lodge used, however applies as a general rule. All flights are paid for in-full at the time of booking to secure and are generally released 11-12 months out from your date of travel.


Q: What is a Hosted Trip?

A: It’s a group trip lead by an experienced Fly Fishing tour guide or host, who is there to make sure you have a great time. This includes managing everything on the ground, get you on the right flights, arrange transfers, manage daily fishing plans and assist you with any technical help along the way.  Joining a hosted or group trip organised by Fly Odyssey is a great way to experience and fly fish a new destination with all of the guesswork and travel logistics taken care of. More importantly it gives you the opportunity to travel with a group of like-minded fly fishermen, learn from our expert hosts on the water, and enjoy the camaraderie group travel provides.

Our hosts also pay attention to understanding and communicating your fishing preferences and any requests, in order to match you with the best guide or to suit your ability or desired fishing location each day, and to match your goals and expectations. We want you to have a great time.



Q: Do I need Travel Insurance or Medical Evacuation Insurance?  

A: Travel Insurance is really a non-negotiable. Most of us can deal with losing material things but the most important thing before you travel is to have adequate Medical and Evacuation Insurance which should be mandatory and often is for many destinations, particularly those with once weekly flights. Irrespective, overseas medical costs can be very excessive, and facilities in some instances inadequate requiring transfers back home for treatment.


Q: Can you book me Travel Insurance?

A: Yes. We use and recommend Covermore Travel Insurance, which has a great range of cover options. Please contact us directly for more information.


Q: Is the travel insurance that comes with my credit card suitable?

A: We recommend specific travel insurance cover for all of our clients to take into consideration all of your personal details, such as health, age, cover level required and the destination you are travelling to. We always recommend referring to and checking the individual PDS with your policy to understand what is and isn’t covered including excess amounts. As such, generic credit card travel insurance cover may not be best for you at the time or destination suitable.



Q: What flies, rods, reels, lines, gear and travel considerations do I need for my trip ahead?

A: All Fly Odyssey Australia bookings receive a comprehensive pre-trip guide which details all of the considerations needed for your trip and ensure you are well prepared both on and off the water.

As we say, “we are here to help turn a good trip into a great one” ! This includes information around Visa’s, currency, transit accommodation, travel insurance, medical considerations, communications and general advice. As always, we are available on the phone at any time to assist you with your preparation.


Q: Where can I purchase flies and gear needed for the trip?

A: We work closely with a number of fine Fly Fishing retail experts and will be able to point you in the right direction for all of your fly fishing gear needs. We regularly try out new gear on the water and can provide honest and impartial advice to assist you preparation.

Supporting local fly fishing retailers and fly tiers is an essential cog in the wheel that continues to allow our sport to evolve and grow. Please contact us directly for more information.


Q: OK, I’m thinking of buying flies for our trip ahead – where and when should I do this?

A: As above, please support our local retail fly fishing stores. They have a great range of gear in stock, and provide top service and advice on what you need with well travelled, experienced staff. For commercially tied flies, please ensure to allow at-least 4 months from placement of order as these guys are often time poor and products in demand. And remember, your FLIES are the number one thing you should be investing in, so ensure to buy quality.



Q: I’m new to Fly Fishing and learning the sport, what resources are there to help me on my journey?

A: There are many fantastic Fly Fishing Clubs around Australia and the world with a wealth of knowledge and members with a huge amount of fly fishing experience to help get you started. Make it personal, and find someone to head out on the water with to learn from and have fun. This includes casting tuition, fly tying clinics and great magazines like Flylife, have a library of information covering everything there is to know in Fly Fishing.

Hiring a guide for a day or a week is also a great way to learn, and there is no better place to do it than on the water.

Fly Fishing is not only about the sport, but it’s the magnificent places it takes you. Either on your own or with family, friends or even with a group you have never met before – these are the experiences that will remain with you forever.




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