Flylife Article: Windows of Opportunity in New Caledonia

Flylife Article: Windows of Opportunity in New Caledonia

If you are considering a trip to New Caledonia, take a moment to read the Summer 2020 edition #98 of Fly Life Magazine:

Fly fishing in New Caledonia generally means one thing, big bonefish. It is a wild, beautiful country and a destination right on our doorstep, with arguably some of the biggest bonefish and most stunning flats on the planet. Personally, I love the hunt, the challenge and opportunity to get shots at fish that I know will test every element of my angling ability. Fish that I have travelled a long way to catch and fish that I have prepared meticulously for, and tracked down sometimes over several days or a whole week. All for that one opportunity, often only a small window where it all comes together or it doesn’t.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Flylife #98_New Caledonia_Windows of Opportunity


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