Freshwater Destinations
Our Freshwater Fly Fishing Destinations
Our Freshwater Fly Fishing Destinations

Explore our selection of the finest freshwater fly fishing destinations, lodges, guides and experiences throughout Australia and the world. It’s not just the fishing that takes us there, it’s the places, the people, and the stunning backdrops to the world where we feel relaxed, calm, yet excited with anticipation before laying that first delicate cast of the day.

From the comfort of a drift boat in Tasmania, dabbling loch style in Ireland, swinging wets in Alaska, stripping streamers in Colombia, Heli-fishing from remote wilderness huts in New Zealand, or riding horseback in Chilean Patagonia, the limitations we have in this amazing sport are only defined by our location.

Species such as Dolly Varden, Brook Trout, Peacock Bass, Golden Dorado, Murray Cod, Arapaima, Mahseer, Brown Trout, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Sea Run Trout & Char, Grayling, Kundzah, Papuan Black Bass, Tigerfish and Taimen. The list goes on.

This is where your journey begins.

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Australia, a vast continent of streams, rivers, estuaries and lake systems has understandably some fantastic freshwater fly fishing opportunities on.

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Alaska is the perfect fly fishing destination for anglers wanting to chase Salmonids on fly.

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Fly Fishing Argentina combines some of the best Trout fishing found anywhere in the world, with stunning landscapes, mountain ranges,.

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Bosnia is blessed with amazing scenery – with mighty mountains and majestic rivers.

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British Columbias
British Columbia

The Canadian west-coast province of British Columbia is a mecca for anglers chasing Pacific Salmon.

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The Patagonian region in southern Chile offers some of the most stunning freshwater fly fishing locations in the world.

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With one of the highest concentrations of large Peacock Bass in the world, Colombia  has been kept well off the.

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Iceland is renowned for its great fly fishing opportunities for Salmonids, Salmon, Sea-Trout, Brown Trout and Arctic Char, among others.

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New Zealands
New Zealand

Breathtakingly spectacular, New Zealand is a scenic destination that’s home to large Brown and Rainbow Trout, with some of the.

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The Kola peninsula in Russia is home to renowned salmon rivers, as well as world-class opportunities for Brown Trout.

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Majestic Slovenia, is one of the most stunning freshwater fly fishing destinations in the world.

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The majestic Pyrenees mountain range on Spain’s border with France provides the backdrop to some spectacular trout fishing.

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The beautiful surrounds of Montana are the perfect backdrop for fishing, with the unique wildlife and many diverse waterways.

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