Our Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations
Our Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations

The exhilaration and raw power as your tropical line rips from your hand, the coils jump upwards from your feet and that great feeling as it finally slaps onto the spool happens in an instant. Sometimes a split second when you realise this is the moment that all your pre-trip preparation has paid off and you have finally hooked the species you travelled so far for.

As the line in front of you sprays off the water, and your reel begins to scream, you watch the backing head off into the distance with a smile on your face knowing that the battle is far from over, and perhaps in a way it’s like your back to the very beginning again.

Palm trees, tropical islands, coral, crystal clear water, great people, communities, cultures, beautiful beaches and beautiful destinations. It’s very hard to beat, and experiencing it first hand is what it’s all about.

This is where your journey begins.

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Our hand-picked selection of Australian locations offer the very best in saltwater fly fishing around the country.

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Belize is a ‘must-visit’ saltwater fly fishing destination for anglers wishing to target Tarpon and the elusive Permit. A number.

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Located in the northern Caribbean Sea, Cuba has some of the finest and remote fly fishing imaginable along its coastline.

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Indian Oceans
Indian Ocean

The Seychelles and Mauritius are home to an archipelago of remote, pristine tropical atolls.

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With its east and west coastlines providing excellent opportunities for saltwater fly fishing, Mexico is a popular destination for anglers.

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Pacific Oceans
Pacific Ocean

With its untouched waters, volcanic islands and unique mix of countries and cultures, the Pacific Ocean is a huge expanse.

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Papua New Guineas
Papua New Guinea

Fly Fishing Papua New Guinea, home to the powerful Papuan Black Bass, it also has some amazing and untouched saltwater.

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The Bahamass
The Bahamas

A couples and family holiday haven, The Bahamas archipelago encompasses seven hundred islands.

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The Maldivess
The Maldives

Luxurious hotels and resorts are located on many atolls taking advantage of the warm turquoise waters and tropical climate.

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